The Little Things

True confession: I love junk. Well let me clarify, I love new things in little packages that put a smile on my face … anything goes really, a new lipstick, a pack of mints, some new goofy flavor of gum. I always have since I was a little girl.

In college, I had embraced this persona of Pocahontas and I LOVED strawberries. The movie had just come out and with my olive skin and long dark hair, I fell in love with this little rebel girl’s story. I could sing all the songs and “paint with all the colors of the wind.” So, our freshman year, I would often come back to my dorm room to find something Pocahontas or strawberry at my door. My friends would leave pencils, stickers, posters you name it. Sometimes I had no idea who had left these fun treats for me. It really became a funny joke to the point my roommate said, “I need a thing! I want stuff left at our door too.” We’ve laughed together about this many times.

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special. Those close to me know that I love small things. Things that say, “Hey – I know you, and I love you. I saw this pack of pens today that were shiny and sparkly, and thought of you.” (My love for new pens is a whole other subject …. )

When we are renovating a house, I love the little things just as much as the big ones …. and I do believe they go a long, long way. Take this house in East Atlanta. I wanted so bad to use this funky pattern tile in a bathroom. I couldn’t justify the price on most of our flips, so I waited …. Well, this house came along and had a small master bathroom, so I felt I could justify adding a little flair to it. I decked out the bathroom with some pattern tile and a cool shower, and that little detail went a long way.

In the kitchen we used black cabinets, and neutral flooring so you would think to stop there. “Just finish the job, get it done, and get it sold.” I can’t do that. There is a business side of me that wants to just do that and sell the house, because truthfully it would still sell. That little girl in me says “no … go further … make it special … it doesn’t take much” … Insert some of the most gorgeous kitchen hardware ever. I found these handles that were oi a little expensive, but the detail with the mix of gold, white and black just pulled things together so well … and it was just a few drawers. Then we added some white mushroom knobs with a little gold detail and wowza, the whole place felt different. I realize some people don’t put as much value on the little things as I do, but I do believe you feel it and notice it in a home.

If you find yourself wanting to renovate a home, or even better, renovate your own home and just aren’t quite in a place to do so … I challenge you to look at the little things. Can you do something as simple as changing out the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms? Or, cleaning out that space and adding a plant or a basket of goodies?

Perhaps you just need a fresh coat of paint in your kitchen or bathroom. Never underestimate the power of fresh paint. Never. After all, those things don’t require a big mess and lots of power tools. 🙂 It’s worth the search to find a special treasure and make a splash somewhere in your home, because you will smile when you see it, and that my friend, is everything.

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