Things That Make You Go “OOOOhhhhhhh!”

I don’t know about you but I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE when Oprah would do her show with all her “favorite things.” I don’t know why, maybe because the audience ooed and ahhhed over every piece and went home with one of everything.  Or maybe because Oprah would get so excited in her best Oprah voice scream, “It’s a new toaster!!!!!!!!” Ok, Ok, maybe it wasn’t toasters, it was more like super comfortable pajamas, or something really yummy, or Spanx, which, come on gals has saved us all from time to time.  

Up this week … JEANS
Up this week … JEANS

I realize I am not Oprah, I am just a gal who loves a deal, and LOVES to try new things.  I’ve established my love for treats - this just spills over into me trying out everything under the sun and basically become a non-employed product tester. So I am going to share this experience with you in my Things that Make you Go OOOOhhhhhh  posts. I have received a lot of questions from people as to where I shop, and favorite paint colors, what makeup I like, etc. so this will be a great place to find answers!

We all wear ‘em, and we all have opinions on them. I feel like there are a bazillion brands out there, and depending on your size and shape we all have a favorite brand. Last year, I was in search of some new jeans as we were beginning to film. Something that wouldn’t stretch out in one hour, yet was comfortable all day.  I tried a lot of brands but landed at two of my favorite - Articles of Society, and Level 99 Jeans.  Both are in the “winner, winner, chicken dinner” category in my book!

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Articles of Society

You can find these at Nordstrom, on and I know that there are some in a local boutique, B.Loved, in Canton, GA.  They are reasonably priced and oh so comfortable.  Many different washes, some frayed edges, some destructed, some not.  You can go wrong.  I honestly haven’t tried on a pair that I didn’t like, and now have a whole collection of them.  They are definitely one of my go to pairs of jeans! The best part: if you go to a really yummy lunch, you don’t have to hold back - they stretch with you - and stay comfortable and fashionable all day!

Unlabeled image from blog post called: Jeans

Level 99

I was introduced to these jeans by a local boutique, Hello Lovely in Crabapple, GA. A lot of boutiques offer them, and you can also find them on their website, level99. These babies are AH-mazing.  In my opinion, their skinny mid-rise jeans are the best.  They hold you in all the right places, without cutting off your circulation. No need to sacrifice any longer!! You have found some of the softest, cutest jeans you will ever find.  They hold up excellent and travel well.  I rarely travel without them.

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