Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Together Ken and I have renovated tons of homes, but we saw fit to renovate our website as well as we launch a new phase in our business and a new show on HGTV this Summer. So we find ourselves with this blog tab, and, I guess that is what we are supposed to do, fill up a blog with lots of musings from us both.

I’ll be completely honest and say that I’ve dragged my feet in hesitation because, let’s be real people, there are probably 1 bazillion blogs out there already and who needs another one to read. Well, that is just a fantastic attitude, right? So I put my big girl pants on and shifted my perspective (sometimes we just have to face the music) and here we are adding the personal touch of a blog to our site. I will say, after much thought, I am actually looking forward to it. It’s amazing what a little perspective will do.

Let me back up a bit and tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are Ken and Anita Corsini, two kids who met at the University of Georgia back in 1998. We were juniors then. We were married in April of 2000, and the rest is history. We kind of go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Ken would argue peas and carrots, but I think peanut butter and jelly because, well, who doesn’t love a good sandwich?)

On our own, we are both uniquely gifted and talented in a variety of fields but put us together, and BAM! – you have something that’s magical. Take Ken for instance, he’s like the peanut butter, he’s pretty predictable, comes in a few varieties, but a staple, a rock if you will. He provides much of the foundation both our business and family needs. He doesn’t waver on decisions, he can always put a smile on your face, and has such focus and determination with the ability to think creatively and outside the box. He is the reason we started a new company. He had a great vision and continues to see it through each and every day.

On his own, Ken is an amazing person and businessman. But, you want a sandwich without the jelly? No way. Enter me. The jelly. I can come in a million varieties and bring lots of flavor …. you don’t always know what you’re gonna get. Could be strawberry, could be grape … sometimes even honey … I might even throw a few potato chips in the middle, because we always need a little crunch in our lives (and if you haven’t tried chips in your sandwich, you might want to, because yum). I can morph and change and fit into the spaces that need attention and complete the sandwich. I wear a variety of hats and provide some of the spice, some of the sweet, and a lot of the details. I help hold the details of the homes together, making them as beautiful as possible with minimal budgets. I recognize how important “home” is for buyers and truly want people to find an amazing place to dwell. I also help with a lot of the “real estate agent” stuff that goes along with buying and selling homes. Think of Ken as the big picture and me in the middle of the details. We provide great balance together, and we make a great sandwich …. I mean couple. It’s always better together.

Passionate about homes, family, and business we strive to create spaces for people to love. We take some of the oldest, dingiest homes and transform them into liveable, beautiful spaces. Honestly, there are times I walk into these dark, scary places – places that seemingly have no hope. Zero. Zilch. And I wonder to myself; “How in the world are we ever going to sell this place?” Yet every single time, the house can be rescued. Every single time the place can be transformed. Quite frankly, it is one of the most exciting and gratifying things to see homes brought back to life. It’s not always easy or trouble-free, but it is always possible. With hard work and a lot of creativity, these homes are revitalized and new buyers have a fresh place to start. We get the privilege of watching the process. It’s a pretty cool gig.

You have the opportunity to watch some of the process this Summer on HGTV. We are so excited to join the ‘Flip or Flop’ franchise, as ‘Flip or Flop Atlanta.’ Season one showcases many different homes, in different areas in and around Atlanta. Personally, I think you will enjoy watching all of the different markets that are showcased. How fun to take a trip around the country watching houses being flipped – from the comfort of your favorite couch. Yes please.

You may ask how this came to be. Well, early in 2015 we were approached by a production company. They were interested in filming a home renovation show. Ken came home one night and asked if I would do a Skype call with a casting director for a possible TV show. I laughed pretty hard, and thought, “Seriously? Someone wants to put us on TV?” So with a YOLO attitude a few days letter we did that Skype interview… then a few months later filmed a sizzle reel (which is basically a very short mini show that introduces us to the the network)… then a pilot… and finally, a series … people, what a fun ride. For real. We had the best crew, amazing producers, a great production company, and a really fun show. I am excited for you to watch. Of course, there are lots of details in between that I can unpack and entertain you with. I guess that’s what we will use this blog for! See you again really soon.

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