A Wish for all Buyers …

I’ve told you how much I love getting presents, right? It always makes me feel like someone knows me, or even if they don’t know me, they thought about me. Like I mattered in an extra special little way that they went out of their way to bring me something. Really, it’s more about being thought of than anything. Everyone likes being thought of. It’s just as much fun giving little surprises gifts as it is receiving them. I love to watch the expression on someone’s face when you bring him or her some goodies, or a hostess gift to someone who has you over for dinner, or a shirt you just knew they had to have because it matched their personality perfectly. When I am out I am always looking for little things to brighten someone’s day.

When we are out renovating homes, I always wonder who will settle in them. A single man or woman? A newly married couple? With kids? Without kids? A big family? An entrepreneur with a fancy job? A nurse who works all hours of the night? I kind of daydream for those that might settle in one of our homes. I usually don’t ever get to know them personally, but always imagine what this home might bring them. We put a lot of effort into making the home comfortable where they will be safe and secure. I might not get to know them personally, but I still like to leave a little something behind.

While we were filming season one of Flip or Flop Atlanta, I decided I wanted to leave a little sign, or a blessing in the home. I had a dear friend of mine paint some handmade signs that left the words, “May you always find JOY in this home.” We did some on stained boards, some on painted boards, but all with the same sentiment … may you always find JOY in this home … My greatest wish for our buyers is that their hearts will be filled with joy. Let’s be honest for a second, life is not always fun and games, I am certainly aware of that. When we sit down to pay the electric bill, or clean up the entire box of cheerios that our two year old just dumped onto the newly mopped floors (or maybe I am the only one who had that happen), or have mountains of dishes and laundry, or sick children or parents to care for, life can be hard and mundane. Life can even feel like one big chore after another. Over time I’ve learned to celebrate the chores and to choose joy. It’s an attitude of the heart rather than a feeling. That’s why I didn’t choose to say, “May you always be happy in this home.” Happiness is fleeting, but joy can remain our attitudes for always and in all things.

It’s not always easy, and it takes a little practice. I still have to work on this myself, but that’s okay! We are all works in progress. This is my little wish for our buyers that in their home and their perfect or imperfect life they would have joy for always.

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