The Outside Matters NOW more than ever!

5 Curb Appeal Tricks to attract Buyers during Coronavirus

If you’re trying to sell your home during this pandemic and the facade of your home is a little worn or weathered…Don’t panic! Here are some tricks to help you spiff up your curb appeal and have buyers clamoring to get in!

1. Keep the Yard green and pristine! Hire someone to mow and keep it tidy. The yard is one of the first things buyers see in person or online and when it’s lush and green, it creates a favorable impression! 

2. Make sure the walkway and driveway are clean. You might be thinking, “how much can I really to do concrete?” But in reality, this is like the Red Carpet leading Buyers to the Main Event. Remove the weeds and pressure wash it for extra pizzazz. At the very least, hose it down before pictures to give it a fresh look.

3. Nighttime Appeal. Some buyers might be driving by after dark to check out the area.  Turn on the charm with a warm glow with outdoor lighting. Make sure you have bulbs that give a warmer tone than an overly LED blue light.  Also, be sure that all the lights on the exterior, including the garage, are the same type of bulb for a more unified glow. All of the lighting on the house and garage should match or have the same style for continuity.

4. Replace outdoor accents and give your landscape some love!  A shabby doormat, dingy house numbers, and a rusty old mailbox are hardly deal breakers, but they do leave a stale impression. If your outdoor accents have seen better days, replace them. Then, make sure your landscaping looks lush for any passersby. Prune overgrown shrubs and trees. Weed flower beds, and spread a layer of fresh mulch or pinestraw.  It’s like getting a new haircut for your house!  Add pretty-looking annuals if your yard is lacking color. Plant a Japanese maple to fill a bare spot and create symmetry because it’s low to the ground and doesn’t require much light.  Then wrap up by cleaning the windows and sweeping the cobwebs from the front porch. You might want to take the screens off for added sparkle! Tidy up and stage the front porch so buyers can imagine themselves relaxing there on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

5. Give your Front Door a Face Lift! Would a shabby door with peeling paint, rusty hardware, and scuff marks entice a buyer to go inside?  If you’re going to spend money on one thing to add curb appeal, make it a new door or paint your existing one and add new hardware.  A fresh pop of color in red, yellow, or blue can bring life to your house immediately and catches people’s eyes as well.  It feels like thoughtful consideration has been put into the home, and ultimately that’s what you’re trying to do.  Let the home feel like a home that’s been loved and cared for and thought about.  A home that’s been cared for stands out.

In the age of the corona virus, curb appeal is more vital than ever.  Buyers might not be able to tour your home and are placing more weight on the exterior, or might be limiting in-person tours to only their top choices paying attention to the outside would definitely better the odds of being on Buyer’s short list!

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