The Month of Love


The month of love! If you are celebrating with candy grams, romantic dinners, or a galantine’s feast…almost everyone can appreciate a holiday dedicated to love. Personally, I love everything about this time of year. Here in Georgia, it is the coldest time of year, perfect for snuggling in front of a fire. With the pandemic still raging, more and more people decided to stay home this year, gather in small groups, or have an intimate dinner in the dining room. 

Although we decided to go out to our favorite restaurant, I was reminded of how important cooking at home is to me. There is something about the aromas, the music playing in the background and my bed being right around the corner; that beckons me to the kitchen. 

As the years go by of us being in our home, I am even more prompted to expand, renovate and enhance my kitchen. Have you considered a major renovation but not sure if it is financially the right thing to do? Many people are asking the same question. If you are sitting on equity and want to capitalize on the low interest rates, an expansion may be a good move. With inventory being so low renovating your home to stand out, for yourself or a future buyer is always a good bet. 

But before you open the wallet, make sure to talk to a Real Estate Professional first! Why, well because you want to be sure the money you put into your house will increase your appraised value in the future. Putting too much money in your home can cause quite a headache if you ever try to sell and end up breaking even or worse owing the bank. Do yourself a favor and call a professional before you break out the hammer. 

I love working with my team of designers and contractors to help my clients make their house a home or find their forever home. What ever you need, at Red Barn we are here to help you accomplish your goal. So, keep on loving, cooking, and making your house a home!

Love Always,


Elizabeth Marcelline

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Georgia State Alum with a background in Commercial Contracting and currently ranks in top 10% as producer at Red Barn