How To Sell During Coronavirus

The 7 Essential Steps

So, maybe you want or need to sell… but the current state of affairs has you really concerned?   First, are people even buying homes right now? Are people even still listing their homes? That’s a Yes and a Yes…. Everyone is quickly adapting to the market.  Thankfully, the Real Estate industry falls under the “essential workers” category and one has to wonder if the “shelter in place” and having people hunkered down, is prompting people to get actively motivated about loving where they live!    

#1  Choose a Realtor You Trust

….meaning you will listen and trust their advice regarding listing price (current market conditions), condition of your home and if works needs to be accomplished to make it a more profitable.  Protecting your personal and financial interests should be their #1 priority.

#2  Follow the Mandated “Best Practices”

Follow the mandated "best practices" to keep everyone safe, for instance in Georgia, go here   All Realtors should be following these guidelines – period.  For instance, using PPE (personal protective equipment) like N95 or similar masks, gloves and booties. Only individuals on contract or decision makers should be present for showings…in other words – don’t bring the friends, the grandparents or the kids (sorry 😊) it’s for your own safety and I think we can all agree…. No one’s health should be risked viewing a home…whether buying or selling.  

# 3  Get prepared to Sell

… There is no easy way to say this – but unless you are Mr. or Ms. Clean and live in a magazine photo spread for Design World this might be a little painful… Simply put, you don’t sell homes the way you live in them.  People (and by People)...I mean Buyers, they see Everything and overlook Nothing.  Every smudge, ding, dirt, broken, cluttered anything will cost you $$$$ one way or another.  I review this process in detail with Sellers and act as their personal project manager to strategically plan and then execute based on their budget and practical list date.  

# 4  Virtual Open House

– 3D technology and video tours have been around for a while but everyone should be taking advantage of this technology now and adapting to current market conditions.  This allows Buyers the ability to VIEW a home in the comfort of their current home, and if they really really like it – then make an appointment to see it in person…following the current guidelines of course.  

# 5 Professional Photography and Staging

Professional Photography and Staging to Sell is a MUST! Have you ever viewed homes for sell online and there are maybe 5 pictures and they were probably taken with a cell phone in bad lighting? Is there any wonder they’ve been trying to sell for 537 days?  Yikes…. I like to think I am pretty good with a camera and I still use a professional and make sure they really tell the story of the home. Every home has a story and presenting this through staging, colorful market driven language and beautiful photography is essential…. you are selling a new wonderful lifestyle to a Buyer. 

# 6  Technology 

- e-signing platforms to sign agreements and contracts have also been around for a while as well, so this is a no-brainer, using Zoom or Facetime are a great way to go over paperwork and have client meetings and stay connected. Many of us have used this with Relocation Buyers for a while as well – but now are using it with our local Buyers and Sellers!   

#7  Frame of mind

…this really can’t be overstated in that the right frame of mind when Selling will serve you well.  First, there is a reason you want to Sell. WHAT is that reason and don’t lose site of it. Detaching from the home mentally, for some is easy, and for others its difficult.  Still there is a reason you are wanting (or needing) to move – focus on that and make it positive…a new adventure or simply a new chapter. Whatever the “reason”, your frame of mind is incredibly important, with the potential of making it a good experience and will help your journey to Sell much easier for you and your family. 

Written by Di Delage, Realtor with Red Barn Real Estate 

……Because Everyone Should Love where they Live!

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Licensed since 2004, Di is a Proud Veteran of the US Army, 5 Star Zillow Rated Agent and Multi Million Dollar Producer.