Frugal Tips Learned from the Great Depression

Journey back to yesteryear by taking note of these Depression-era tips that are sure to save you money.


Grow food yourself

Gardening may be a trending hobby now, but it was once a necessity for many people. Eat fresh while saving money at the same time by growing your own food.

Reuse when possible

Turn old clothes into dish rags and food jars into storage, and look for other ways to re-purpose something instead of throwing it out!

 Borrow or buy used

If you’re in need of a new book, pair of jeans, or sweater, go to a secondhand store before buying new.

 DIY what you can

There are plenty of ways to make things yourself around the home—cleaning supplies, homemade remedies, and more.

 Think outside the electricity

Whether you plug in to curl your hair, mix cake batter, or run the dishwasher more than once a day, think about alternative ways to do these things that don’t require so much electricity.

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