Say Goodbye to Stress!

While any challenges on the road may improve character, there’s also the part of traveling we all look forward to, kicking up our feet and relaxing. We tend to feel more connected to other people and nature while traveling, which, in turn, helps reduce stress levels. You forget about the things that would normally keep you up at night—like unanswered emails, big presentations, relationship problems, etc.—and instead are more focused on the present moment. Whether this is reading a book on the beach, enjoying mountain views from the comfort of your vacation cabin, or admiring the Mediterranean Sea from an Airbnb, there’s a part of traveling that can’t be replicated at home. The new environment, the views, the daily adventures, the fresh air—all of them help to alleviate stress.

Getting away can also be a reprieve for the millions of people who suffer from depression—which is over 300 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. It’s a breath of fresh air for your mental health. Partaking in activities like sightseeing, hiking, trying new food, walking around in a new city, and the like can all help improve your mental state. Call it a change of scenery, but getting out there and experiencing the world is a game-changing boost.

So how do you accomplish this when many borders are still closed, and social distancing is still required? Get out in Nature! Go camping! Enjoy the fall weather and changing leaves. As the seasons change and the summer harvest is drying out and it’s time to plant new seeds! Not just in the garden but in your life, seeds of hope. The Real Estate market is shifting as well and I am excited about what lies ahead.

An empathetic experience

If you’ve ever traveled to a foreign place, you know how difficult it can be to navigate around, order a meal, or ask for directions. These moments can be trying, but they all teach a valuable lesson in empathy. Traveling prompts you to seek compassion. We assume that people in other places will be able to communicate just how we do back home, but that’s not always the case. When faced with the various obstacles that traveling presents, the key to getting through them is often through practicing empathy.

Focusing on understanding where someone else is coming from—whether it be etiquette differences, language barriers, or a cultural gap—can allow you to not only find resolutions while traveling but also learn how to be more empathetic in your everyday life. In out divided society we need empathy now more than ever!

Recharge and reinvent

Have you ever wanted to push the restart button? Maybe you’re in the midst of a career change. Maybe a relationship just ended, and you’re not sure what the next chapter holds. Maybe you’ve suffered a loss, and you feel weighed down and unbalanced. There are hundreds of other reasons that could heavily impact your mental health, in which case, it may be an opportune time to pack your bags or sell your home and get a fresh start. People often associate traveling after these life-changing moments with running away from your problems, when you’re just in need of an emotional reset.

The mind and body sometimes need a tune-up and venturing to new places can do just that. Even the prospect of a vacation on the horizon can significantly improve your mental health. So, what are you waiting for? Direction? Follow me on Instagram at Elizabethandcompanyrealty and you will see upcoming events and new things to try in Metro Atlanta every Wednesday! Get up and Go!

Elizabeth Marcelline

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