Family can mean different things to different people. It may insight feelings of joy, smells of baked cookies, apple pie or barbecue on the grill. It may insight memories of laughter, inside jokes and that special spot on the sofa that was perfect for cuddles. But for some, family can be a source of pain and hurt. 

But we can all choose our family and community even if the one we were born into was not that great. When I take on a new client I think about their friends, their lifestyle, their loved ones and how they like to entertain and host. All these things help to understand the floor-plan and feel of a home, that would work best for my client’s needs. 

During this pandemic we have been encouraged to stay home, stay safe, and think of others. Personally, it has been some of the happiest, yet most challenging times in my marriage and family. Quality time is invaluable to me. I hope whatever life circumstance you find yourself in right now, you can take a deep breath and reflect on the community you have built. 

Life is precious and Home for me is where life happens! Let’s be sure your home is one that you long to come home to, call me to help find your home, your happy place.

Elizabeth Marcelline

678-536-3833 (678) 679-1175

Georgia State Alum with a background in Commercial Contracting and currently ranks in top 10% as producer at Red Barn